We currently work with a highly skilled, hardworking and joyful group that includes a Postdoctoral Researcher, two Lab Technicians, two Graduate Students, and several undergraduates. We are in the process of incorporating 2 more lab technicians and a field technician. 


Dr. Socorro Jimenez Valera  is a Biologists with an MSc in Aquaculture  and a PhD Life Sciences. She specializes in microalgae culture and identification. She joined the lab in 2018 for the NABAMA project and now works in the GEMex project.


Estrella Nuñez Zarco is a Marine Scientist with an MSc in Marine Biotechnology. She specializes in microbiology and project management. She currently works in the GEMex project.

Team Skills

Molecular Biology





Business Intelligence

Business development

Team Languages
Juana María

Marisela Perzabal Corona is a Biologist that joined the lab as an undergraduate student and now works as a part-time lab technician in charge of sample processing for NGS sequencing in the GEMex Project.





María José Vazquez Moreno is a Microbiologist and is currently pursuing her MSc in Arid Ecosystem Management in our lab. Her research is about evaluating ecosystem services of microbial extremophile communities in and around geothermal ponds.


Zayuri Ceseña Peralta is a Biologists that worked in the lab during her undergraduate studies. She is now pursuing an MSc in Arid Ecosystem Management in our lab. Her research revolves around finding practical uses for extremophile bacteria and transfering that knowledge to local communities. 


Diana Brito was an MSc student who graduated from our lab in 2019 after evaluating the Ecosystem Services provided by microbial mats in geothermal ponds. 


At any given moment we are training between six and eight undergrads in our lab. They come from the Biology, Bioengineering and Nanotechnology programmes and spend between six and twelve months with us.

Principal Investigator

Prof. Julio V. Suárez

Professional ​

After studying a BSc in Biology at the University of Baja California, professor Suárez worked in industry as Research Supervisor at a Biotechnology Company. After two years he moved to the University of Manchester where he pursued a MSc in Biotechnology & Entreprise and a PhD in Biotechnolgy. He then joined the University of Manchester Cellular Systems group as a Research Assistant, In 2014 he joined the University of Baja California as Professor of Physical Biochemistry, as part of the Integrative Biology Research Group. Today, he serves as the head of the Ecosystem Management Programme and sits in the Scientific Advisory Boards of two Biotechnology Companies.

Professor of Physical Biochemistry

​2014 - present


Professor Suárez teaches Physical Chemistry​ and Technology Enterprise at the undergraduate level an Sustainable Entrepreneurship to graduate students. He runs the Sustainable Biotechnology Laboratory with extensive international collaborations.



Research Assistant



​Professor Suárez worked as Research Assistant in the Cellular Systems division at The University of Manchester, pursuing research into genetic engineering of Chloroplasts.



Research Supervisor

​2006 - 2008


​Professor Suárez ran the Algae Biotechnology Laboratory at Greenstar International, a US based biotechnology company.

University of Manchester (PhD)

​2009 - 2013

University of Manchester (MSc - Distinction)

​2008 - 2009

University of Baja California (BSc - Honors)

​2008 - 2009